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Initial 75-Minute Comprehensive Medical and Psychiatric Evaluation
This is the first office visit you will have with Dr. Cris Abad-Santos in which she will review your full medical, psychiatric, psychosocial, and family history. A medical history is important to obtain at this first visit because certain medical conditions can present with psychiatric symptoms.  During this session, your reason(s) for seeking treatment will be discussed and a full treatment plan will be recommended.
Price: $450.00
15-Minute Medication Management
This is a follow-up session designed to discuss medication management issues and make appropriate changes to your medication regimen.
Price: $150.00
30-Minute Medication Management Follow-up Session
This is a follow-up session tailored specifically to any medication management issues. Your mood symptoms and psychopharmacologic treatment plan will be discussed thoroughly, any appropriate changes to your medication regimen will be made, and supportive psychotherapy will be performed.
Price: $250.00
60-Minute Medication Management with Psychotherapy
This is a follow-up session in which your medication regimen will be adjusted or changed as needed, as well as engage in psychotherapy. Psychotherapeutic modalities used during sessions include supportive psychotherapy, insight-oriented therapy, solution-focused therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy.
Price: $375.00

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